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Architectural design is an evolving process of style, creativity and emotion captured in the design of a client's home. It is not defined by four walls, but rather a culmination of patterns and ideas woven together in a fluid like manner, which produces an effortless plan. A plan which defines the character and lifestyle of the client for which it was created.

LW Design is a firm who designs, "Distinctive Character", into every project. We embark upon a journey to discover the possibilities of our client's vision for their home.

Quality design begins with developing a plan to fit comfortably into its setting; capturing views, orientation and natural features. The overall arrangement of the floor plan and well proportioned interior and exterior spaces continues to place homes designed by a Residential Designer above plan book designs and Builders plans.

Lasting Thought...

Designing a custom home is one of the most challenging and rewarding experience one can engage in. We strive to make this a wonderful experience, which will meet your expectations and fulfill your dreams.

"LW Design is a residential design firm whose exclusive focus is creating homes of quality and character."
- Larry V. Ward,
Principal LW Design
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